Brisket Mac & Cheese Flatbread

Topped with our homemade creamy bacon mac & cheese sauce, house smoked brisket, red peppers & melted cheddar jack. Drizzled in KC BBQ & topped with thinly sliced fresh jalapenos.

Chicken Bacon Flatbread

Brushed with House made ranch dressing, grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar jack cheese & tomatoes

Chicken Caesar Round-Up Flatbread

House made flatbread points topped with our homemade parmesan cheese sacue & melted mozzarella served around a bed of a creamy Caesar salad, mango salsa & honey criracha glazed chicken.

Deconstructed Sante Fe Steak Flatbread

House made flat bread points topped with grilled sirloin, spicy wild whiskey glaze, feta, shredded lettuce, diced avocado, corn, black beans & finished with a lime creme & fresh cilantro.