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Backyard Barbecue

Choose your meat:

Pulled Pork$9/lb
Smoked Chicken$11/lb
Smoked Brats$3 each
Texas Style Brisket$16/lb
BBQ Sandwich: 
    Choose pulled pork, pulled chicken, or sliced brisket


ColeslawHalf Pan $21Full Pan $32
Potato SaladHalf Pan $21Full Pan $32
Baked BeansHalf Pan $22Full Pan $40
Mac and CheeseHalf Pan $25Full Pan $43
Cold Pasta SaladHalf Pan $51Full Pan $43
Full-Size Bag of Chips (Kettle Chips) $6.00
Individual Bag of Chips  (Variety of Flavors)   Market price
3.5" Buns$6.75/dozen
4.5" Buns$9.75/dozen

Guidelines for ordering:  For meat: we recommend 10-12 oz. per person, and for sides: each half pan holds approximately 20-24 servings.